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Live Your Worth

Join our safe space and explore a woman's physical health, relationship health, and financial health. Listen to and draw strength from stories as we discuss what the modern woman's search for happiness and peace looks like.

Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

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About Me


Emily Chung

Originally from Melbourne, I studied Literature at LaTrobe University before completing my Diploma in Financial Planning. I have spent 10 years advising clients on how to get the best financial outcomes, working for a variety of Private Banks in Australia and the UK before joining St. James’s Place in Asia.

I'm on a mission to create a safe space and safe place for people to thrive without judgement. I take pride in working closely with my clients by helping them build a healthy relationship with their money, and to put purpose at the heart of their financial wellbeing

Mobile: +852 6112 4729


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Past Events
About Me

Past Events

Featured Stories

Feaured Stories


Valentina Tudose

Dating Coach and Relationship Expert/ TEDx Speaker, Founder of Happy Ever After

I was honored to be invited to share my experience of self love and self acceptance - both for myself and my clients - as part of the "A woman's worth" series. The initiative serves as a great reminder that we can indeed have it all if we approach different aspects of life consciously and compassionately. The spirit of sisterhood and safety, an opportunity to share authentically and vulnerably without fear of judgement or being wrong, makes these events a wonderful space for women who seek a supportive community. Emily is a wonderful facilitator and organizer and I was really happy to share some of my stories.

Caroline Rhodes 

Founder of The Body Group

Throughout time women have been made to feel unvalued for various reasons.

When you feel you are not good enough, in anyway, this can undermine your health from a physiological perspective. The root of all illness is the lack of self love.


I invite you to attend a talk on #awomansworth and how we can come together as a community of supportive women to take back our power and know that we are perfect just the way we are.


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